How Free Gifts Work

We love to pack free gifts with every order.  It doesn't matter the size of the order, we'll always include multiple free gifts in your happy mail.  We will try to learn a little bit about you from the items that you order so that we can choose surprise items we think you might also enjoy.  

Keep in mind that we don't have set rules on the quantity of gifts we include based on how much you order.  Instead, if you frequently order or spend a larger amount in a single order, you may receive a fewer number of gifts than first-time orders, but we may be choosing higher valued items to surprise you with.

If you have a preference for certain colors or types of items, please feel free to leave us some notes in the shopping cart page on our website and we will certainly take that information into consideration.  And we will definitely add them to our customer notes.

Please go to our Instagram page @alliereesecutethings if you are curious about free gifts.  We have many order packing reels there and all free gifts are labeled with a sticker.

Thank you so much for exploring our website and we hope you find something you like!